Where We Have Gone

Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation - Helping Patients One Step at a Time

Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation began in 2008 by a group of oncologist’s at Texas Oncology Cancer Center, who wanted to provide their patients with assistance. In 2009 volunteers came on board and began to brainstorm how to meet cancer patient’s needs in our community. We did not want to reinvent the wheel. Cancer patient’s financial needs are needed today (when they apply). We knew national foundations were available, but so many times these patients needed help immediately. National foundations turn around time can take up to months. PCCF’s goal was to help during the wait time, while they await approval for national funds.

In October of 2009 we held our first SOS (supporting our survivors) 5K/1mile race and had great support. The race was a community event and many patients and their families participated. We have continued to have this race yearly and it has become a celebration of life. PCCF receives donations, memorials, and we fundraise in a number of ways. We continue to grow and provide for cancer patients.

PCCF prides itself as the only foundation that provides assistance to not only patients with cancer but also those with blood disorders. Despite being based at Texas Oncology Cancer Center, PCCF provides help to patients in Texas Panhandle, irrespective of where they get their treatment. PCCF has now helped hundreds of cancer patients through emotional, physical, and financial needs.

Another mission of PCCF is to support research in cancer and blood diseases, in particular, blood and marrow transplants. PCCF, therefore, welcomes donations for endowment funds dedicated to this mission.