Papa’s Jar

October 8th, 2015

Donald Turn has Been a cancer survivor for almost eight years at Texas Oncology in Amarillo, TX.

Donald has three great grandchildren who live in Vernon, TX. They are Cirstin Ivy, age 9, Carleigh Ivy, age 8, and Colesyn Ivy, age 4. Their great grandfather, Papa, has had cancer for as long as they can remember. When They say their nightly prayers they pray for him to get well. Colesyn’s prayer is simple, “Help my Papa.”

Cirstin saw a jar with “Cancer Cure” Written on it at school last year. She was very interested in it because of her Papa. She asked her mother if she and her siblings could have a jar for cancer cure during the summer. She wanted to sell lemonade and rubber band jewelry that she and Carleigh would make. Their parents gave them permission.

This past summer the three great grandchildren tended their lemonade/jewelry stand and put all the money in the cancer cure jar.

We recently saw the children at a family wedding. They brought their jar filled with cancer cure money to give to Papa. The children gave Papa the jar and said, “Papa, give this jar to your doctor so you can get well”.


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September 28th, 2012

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