To channel human and material resources to patients who need help battling blood diseases and cancer.

To be a safety net for patients afflicted with blood diseases and cancer.


Where We Have Gone

Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation began in 2008 by a group of oncologist’s at Texas Oncology Cancer Center, who wanted to provide their patients with assistance. In 2009 volunteers came on board and began to brainstorm how to meet cancer patient’s needs in our community. We did not want to reinvent the wheel. Cancer patient’s financial needs are needed today (when they apply). We knew national foundations were available, but so many times these patients needed help immediately. National foundations turn around time can take up to months. PCCF’s goal was to help during the wait time, while they await approval for national funds.

In October of 2009 we held our first SOS (supporting our survivors) 5K/1mile race and had great support. The race was a community event and many patients and their families participated. We have continued to have this race yearly and it has become a celebration of life. PCCF receives donations, memorials, and we fundraise in a number of ways. We continue to grow and provide for cancer patients.

PCCF prides itself as the only foundation that provides assistance to not only patients with cancer but also those with blood disorders. Despite being based at Texas Oncology Cancer Center, PCCF provides help to patients in Texas Panhandle, irrespective of where they get their treatment. PCCF has now helped hundreds of cancer patients through emotional, physical, and financial needs.

Another mission of PCCF is to support research in cancer and blood diseases, in particular, blood and marrow transplants. PCCF, therefore, welcomes donations for endowment funds dedicated to this mission.

Core Values

C - Compassion for those in need of our help

U - Unerring generosity towards those whom we can help

R - Responsive accountability to those who contribute to our cause

I - Integrity for our volunteer and our patients

N - Noble diligence in our pursuit for new ways to accomplish our goals

G - Genuine tirelessness in our efforts to help our patients win


Why We Started

"During my training as a hematologist, I became aware that cancer diagnosis not only affects the patient but also the family. As a result of the disease, the patient's employment is interrupted, leading to financial hardship. I have seen patients who lost their jobs and then their house because of interruption of their work due to cancer. I remember a patient telling me that he would be better off if he died since at least his life insurance will pay for the mortgage and the financial need of his family. That is why I was determine to not only provide my patients with the best care I know and be involved in research to improve their outcome but also to set up a mechanism that would provide the financial safety net during their cancer treatment. Being able to be involved with the Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation is, therefore, a great honor to me."

Seah Lim

"Fundraising for PCCF became a goal for me in 2009. Working with cancer patients every day, I had been aware of their financial struggles through their fight against cancer. This is an overwhelming and difficult time for a person and reaching out and offering help is what we are all called to do. PCCF began to work hard to raise money to help patients in need in a timely manner. I am fortunate enough to be part of this community and offer support to cancer patients. All of us on the board of PCCF, have seen first hand how much these patients appreciate the help we offer."

Jennifer Campos

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